Creating a Great First Impression

When you open the door to your guests, they step across the threshold into your hallway, the first impression of your home is formed. And remember that your guests will leave through the same space, providing the last image they have in their minds of your home. If this matters to you (and it very likely does), you’ll want a hallway arrangement that says only what you want said about you and your home.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Hallways have become the home of shoes – understandably so in a country that is often rainy and snowy. So what to do with the pile of shoes so that it is not the familiar eyesore?

Hallway shoe storage can be elegant and attractive. Sound unlikely? Read on.

The combination of your understanding of your home, and how you’d like it to look and to function, coupled with interior design ideas from suppliers of solutions customised to your needs can transform that first impression space from cluttered to calm and welcoming.

Think about the space you have available in your hallway. Think about what you need to store. Think about the feel of your home – cosy and cottagey, or modern and sophisticated. 

Think about the colours you need to harmonise your hallway arrangement. Do you want wallpaper to accentuate a wall?

Do you want plants, or a statement piece of art to accentuate (or hide) a particular feature? Or perhaps a mirror with a statement frame to make your space appear bigger than it is?

And have a look at what is available to match your needs. Start with addressing our hallway shoe storage requirements. There won’t be much point in painting and beautifying if you still have piles of shoes to contend with. Make these your first priority.

Where to put those shoes?

Tylko provides a great starting point in terms of storing your shoes. You know what you need? Tylko’s products are customised to your needs.

The basic shoe rack comes in every colour you have imagined for your hallway. It comes with doors, and without doors. It comes with drawers and without drawers. It comes in single or multiple layers.

You can now combine your shoe storage needs with what’s available. Choose a rack for your hallway cupboard – a closet shoe rack. Or a rack that is part of a shoe cubby. A shoe organizer for your entire family’s needs – and your guests, of course.

Choose colour and shapes that are going to allow you to add the decor touches you’ve envisaged. With the amazing array on offer, you won’t struggle.

And my coats (and other stuff)?

The storage solutions on offer don’t stop at shoe racks. You’ll be looking at bookcases, at cupboards, at wall units. All stylish, and part, not only of your storage solution, but of your  envisaged hallway decor.

Don’t forget to add shelves to your list for your lamp, a plant, a statuette – whatever your home’s hallway needs.

Adding personal touches

It is so important, always, to keep in mind that the hallway is the entrance and the exit to your home. It’s the first and the last impression.

You’ve given substantial thought to your storage needs. But you’ve also thought about colour, and about how you can hide or accentuate features to create the look you want – the look that reflects you, and your style.

So now it’s time to add the wall colour, or the wall paper. It’s time to choose that statement piece, and decide where it should go. One large piece can define an area entirely. Choose with care!

If you’re planning to use plants to bring your hallway to life, make the commitment to care for them. Half-dead plants look far worse than any pile of shoes ever did, so make sure you keep your plants healthy!

Pay attention to the floor too. A nice rug, or runner? Perhaps sanding down wooden floors for a lovely warm feel? Or tiling, for a cool (and practical) elegance?

And consider the flow from the hallway into the next room. If there are stairs leading from the hallway, follow the theme you’ve chosen for the hallway up the stairs – perhaps through a runner, or by painting your steps or the balustrade.


You really should feel happy when you step into your home. Make your hallway welcoming to you, just as it will be to your guests. Make sure you smile when you step across your threshold. All your hard work planning and organising will have been worth it if you do. (If you don’t, figure out why not, and make the changes!)


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  1. Great post here. The condition of your home certainly leaves a long-lasting impression on whichever visitor. Love the way you have been exhaustive – shoes influence powerfully the perception your guests leave your home with, but people sometimes fail to put it into consideration! I could not concur more with this so well-curated post. The tips make a lot of sense I am going to recommend it to my friends also.

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