Top Tips for Storing Your Vinyl Record Collection

If you’re a passionate music lover, the chances are you have a vinyl record collection that you are keen to maximise. Original vinyl boasts the tactile appeal, the visual graphics and the unparalleled sound experience that digital music can’t quite live up to! But how can you best display your precious records to the best effect?

The right vinyl storage ideas will blend together aesthetic appeal with functionality – and work within the space and layout that you have in your home. You must be able to easily access your favourite vinyl records, to see their artwork and to readily thumb through sleeves when you are enjoying your record player and lining up your playlist. You’ll also want a solution that fits within your budget, is easy to implement without stress or mess, and which looks great within your existing interior scheme; ideally allowing you to play your music socially as well as on your own. With these things in mind, here are some of our favourite suggestions to consider.

Decorate a bookshelf

If you have a DIY passion and a bookshelf that could be converted to your vinyl display, then consider doing a decoration project. Modern shelving solutions are often deep enough to hold an original vinyl record collection and the average music fan will be able to store a large number of records in a full-size storage unit.

Invest in a record player table with storage

If you have an original record player, it may be heavy. The newer models tend to be lighter, but even then you will want a sturdy table that gives enough space for your turntable and your chosen records. Look for one which can incorporate shelving solutions underneath as a space-saving storage unit.

Make pallet wall frames

This solution is probably ideal for a record collector with a compact collection or a fan with limited space. By adapting pallets into wall frames, you can slot several records into place and display your ‘hero’ pieces as wall-mounted artwork at the same time. It’s a cost-effective solution that works well in an industrial-style decor and could be good if you rent a smaller apartment, for example, and don’t want to spend too much on a long-term solution.

Go vintage with original boxes

The 60’s was a wonderful time for record storage boxes and there are some superb original examples still available from eBay, specialist sellers and antique stores. Why not embrace the vintage look in its full glory and make a design statement with a selection of them – just group them along your wall or on a shelf to make an eye-catching focal piece for your play space.

Upcycle and think differently

If you don’t have a lot of space for your precious 45s, then get smart with some upcycling or multi-purpose storage solutions. Use a footstool or pouffe with an integrated storage compartment. Repurpose a magazine holder for your 78s or find a filing cabinet which can hold plenty of records and allow you to engage in your passion for alphabetised organisation at the same time!  Look on Pinterest for inspiration – floating shelves and picture shelves are another great way to get your vinyl off the floor for safer storage and on the wall for your viewing pleasure, and these are cheap solutions which are quick and easy to put in place.

Tylko's vinyl storage shelving unitTylko’s made-to-measure storage system, just perfect for your vinyls

A made-to-measure vinyl storage system

This is certainly the solution for a true music fan who is uncompromising when it comes to storing and displaying vinyl for the ultimate fan and listening experience. A made-to-measure system will be proportioned entirely for the space of your room and designed to suit its layout and functional use. With exacting measurements, materials that suit your preferences and a design that fits with your room’s flow, you will have full control over the look and feel of your vinyl collection. Arrange your precious records alphabetically, place hero covers on display, incorporate pull-out storage drawers – the choice is yours. And the made-to-measure quality will ensure that your vinyl record storage is a real showstopper that gets the attention of guests!

In conclusion…

Whether you plan to go vintage, to make or customise your own record storage, to upcycle, or to invest in a long-lasting, bespoke storage system that is made-to-measure, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your vinyl collection and to celebrate the big passion in your life. With storage concerns out of the way, what will be next on your playlist?


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